Recovering a windows password – An Spy a Solution to Identity Theft

Posted on: April 22, 2013

Are Password Enough?For many of us, remembering our passwords is a daily chore and recovering a windows password is not always as straight forward as it should be.  It can be tempting to simply use slight variations of the same one. However, with more of our personal information now floating around somewhere in the virtual cosmos, it has never been more important to protect our digital property.

With this in mind, the major question, as we begin to spiral faster and faster into the internet age, is simply:

Are Passwords Enough?

Reality is; the more we use online platforms for both our personal and business dealings, the greater the risk becomes.  This increases further with the ever growing use of mobile technology, too.

Alternatives to passwords have, of course, been in existence now for a long time, with varying levels of success.  It has to be said that there is a certain amount of anxiety towards new biometrics technologies, which isn’t there with ‘good old’ passwords.

So What is the Solution?

EyeVerify, a technology company launched last year, believe they have found the answer.  You can probably guess from the name that this new technology has something to do with the eye, but it’s how the process works, which is interesting.   You’ve heard of fingerprints and more recently, voice recognition, but EyeVerify instead uses the veins in your eyes as its authentication method.

Why your Eyes?

Similar to fingerprints, eye vein patterns are unique and, thus, can provide instant authentication.  Within the hardware, there is also the ability to detect ‘life’ and’ thus, it is impossible for someone to copy your print.

The fact that a simple glance can act as a password also makes the process easy, and ensures that you don’t fall victim to the password memory lapse, which affects so many of us, and have to rely on Windows password recovery tools.

BioMetricsWith 12 million individuals in the US, during 2011, having been at the receiving end of identity theft, and research suggesting that social media and smartphones are regular targets, it is clear to see that biometrics is a rapidly growing market. 


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