Password Remover Software – How To Remove Your Windows Password in 2 minutes!

Posted on: June 22, 2012

Tired of entering your password all the time? We’re going to be looking at some alternatives, and also some recommended options of password remover steps that you can take if you have lost your password. We’re concentrating on Windows passwords, however some of the tips and common-sense advice will apply to things other than just Windows accounts.

If you’re simply tired of having to always type in the same password, there are some cool options and one of them might be the password remover solution you’ve been looking for. First of all, and quite possibly the coolest option, is a fingerprint-scanner. Rather than have to remember your password, all you have to remember is to bring your fingerprints. A fingerprint-scanner device hooks up to your computer, and has a little panel that sits on the desk where you would place your fingertip to be scanned. If this is a bit too fancy or futuristic for you, keep reading.

We strongly advise against this next option, which is to simply go into your User Profile settings in the Control Panel and disable your password altogether. Doing so leaves your system completely wide-open and vulnerable to attacks via the internet, or from somebody snooping around in your home. Even if you don’t have to worry about anyone in your home going through your computer, by not having a Windows password you are making it very easy for somebody to access your files from the internet. Hackers actually have programs that scan random computers, to see how secure they are. They then secretly take control of these computers and use them for cyber-attacks against companies, government sites and more. Even if the hacker isn’t specifically targeting you, they could still take control of your system.

This next option is best if you have forgotten or lost your password. You can also use password remover software as a way to reset your Windows password. What password remover software does is bypass the need to enter your Windows password, which is why it’s an ideal choice for somebody who has lost their password. Once you have bypassed your previous, forgotten password you can create a new one.

Just to summarize the three options we’re looking at in this post, here they are..

  1. Fingerprint Scanner which is very cool, but also can be a bit overboard for most people.
  2. No password at all which is a BAD idea. Don’t do this one. If you currently don’t have a password, set one right away and have your system scanned for spyware.
  3. Software to remove your password and help you choose a new one, ideal for when you’ve lost your Windows password.

We recommend taking a look at Password Resetter, which is a great password remover program for anyone who’s lost their Windows password. If you’ve forgot Windows XP password, or Windows 7 password, even Windows 2000 password and anything in between – Password Resetter can help you to recover it. It’s not so much just a password remover program as it is a password resetting program, and this is important – because simply removing a password isn’t good – you need to reset that password to keep your computer secure.

To learn more about Password Resetter, please visit the homepage here. You’ll find everything you need to know about the software, along with contact information in case you have any questions.



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