A Review of Windows Password Recovery Tools

Posted on: March 6, 2013

A Review of Windows Password Recovery Tools

Losing access to your laptop or pc could be a disaster however these handy hints will get you back in quickly and easily and will enable you to reset your forgotten Windows 7 password.

We store an enormous amount of important work and personal data on our laptops and computers and therefore having realised you’ve forgot window password and blocked yourself out the stress levels start rising quickly.

Fortunately, having a forgotten Windows 7 password need not be the devastating blow as it could be as there are ways to reset your password saving you time and angst. The alternative to using these methods is to reinstall Windows 7 from a boot disk and while this will bypass that forgot Windows password it will also overwrite any data on your machine so is not an ideal solution.

1:) Use Password Resetter

PasswordResetter is a handy piece of software which is available from passwordresetter.com and which will enable you to regain access with ease.When you receive your software you need to insert the disk, install the software and follow the onscreen instructions which will enable you to create a password reset boot disk (or flash drive) which will regain you access and not damage your computer.

Having realised that you’ve forgotten the password you simply instruct the machine to boot from disk or drive, insert your Password Resetter back up, follow the instructions and will be sorted. This works on over 99% of passwords therefore is a highly effective method.

Password Resetter Applications

2:) Use Safe Mode

Using safe mode means that you are able to load or boot-up Windows 7 from a “safe” point. This option is frequently used if there seems to be a serious problem with Windows which means that booting up normally is not advisable or possible. Safe Mode also enables users to reset that forgot Windows 7 password.  Having entered Safe Mode log in to the computer as the admin with the admin password (if you haven’t set up an admin account then skip to handy hint number two now).

Safe Mode

Click on the Start button and type lusrmgr.msc in the search bar at the bottom which will locate then open the “Local Users and Groups” section. In Local Groups and Users got to Users, then select Set Password after right-clicking the account you wish to change and confirm the new password.

3:) Use Shareware

While some people are not completely comfortable with Shareware it does tend to work for occasions such as these. Download an internet based password unlock programme, create a  back-up disk and then use this as and when require if for example to reset your forgot Windows password.


With so many of us working, shopping, banking and communicating online these days, being locked out of your personal computer may feel somewhat like you are missing a limb. Fortunately these failsafe back-ups will enable you to enjoy the security of having a password in place and yet will stop you losing your data if you forget what that password is.


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