A Review of 5 Password Remover Applications

Posted on: March 4, 2013

Having found yourself locked out of your laptop, PC or an important file due to a lost or forgotten password it is important to find an effective way back in. The best way to do this and not risk losing any of the valuable information stored on your machine is to use an effective password remover.

There is little more frustrating than realising that you have locked yourself out of your work or personal computer having forgotten or lost your password. Considering how much of our lives are managed online nowadays being shut out may be less of an annoyance and more of a costly experience.

Getting back into your PC and removing passwords on files shouldn’t be too difficult at all if you use an appropriate password remover application. Which one you choose will depend on the application you require and the one you feel works best for you.  All five all come highly recommended.

1.  PasswordResetter

This is one of the easiest and most effective password removal tools. Once you have purchased your (very reasonable) copy of PasswordResetter you simply insert it into your drive to make a computer specific back up disk or flash drive. When required you boot up the device from disk (or from USB drive), follow the on-screen password recovery instructions and your old password will be removed and a new one will be set by you, gaining you access once more to your locked PC.


Password Resetter Applications

2.     Ultimate ZIP Cracker
This is a handy tool which is used to recover lost passwords for ZIP (compressed) files. A simple program which is designed to find and remove a password quickly, this tool is great for gaining access to important work or personal files. The full version is available to buy online or there is a free trial which may be downloaded if you are not likely to use it more than once.

Zip Cracker

3.  WonderShare PDF Password Remover

This is a clever tool for removing passwords or security restrictions that are in place which will allow you access your important files. This tool cleverly creates a new copy of the PDF file in question without the lock on it. The free trial version will only allow you to retrieve five pages from a locked PDF file however the full unlimited version is very reasonable to buy.

PDF Password Remover


4.  Word Password Recovery Master

While this is another tool that you need to buy there is a free trail. The trail will tell you whether the password you need is able to be removed however it will not actually do the task for you. Fortunately the Word PRM software is very inexpensive as it is a useful and easy to use tool.

This program will remove password protect from any locked Microsoft Word document which will enable you to get on with your work or task.

Word Password Recovery Master 

5.  Word Excel Password Recovery

This free “wizard” is brilliant for retrieving forgotten or misplaced passwords for Word or Excel documents. Using a dictionary look up or a brute force crack (both commonly used password removal techniques) you will quickly find yourself back into your all-important information.

 Excel Remover




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