Recovering a windows password – An Spy a Solution to Identity Theft

Posted on: April 22, 2013

Are Password Enough?For many of us, remembering our passwords is a daily chore and recovering a windows password is not always as straight forward as it should be.  It can be tempting to simply use slight variations of the same one. However, with more of our personal information now floating around somewhere in the virtual cosmos, it has never been more important to protect our digital property.

With this in mind, the major question, as we begin to spiral faster and faster into the internet age, is simply:

Are Passwords Enough?

Reality is; the more we use online platforms for both our personal and business dealings, the greater the risk becomes.  This increases further with the ever growing use of mobile technology, too.

Alternatives to passwords have, of course, been in existence now for a long time, with varying levels of success.  It has to be said that there is a certain amount of anxiety towards new biometrics technologies, which isn’t there with ‘good old’ passwords.

So What is the Solution?

EyeVerify, a technology company launched last year, believe they have found the answer.  You can probably guess from the name that this new technology has something to do with the eye, but it’s how the process works, which is interesting.   You’ve heard of fingerprints and more recently, voice recognition, but EyeVerify instead uses the veins in your eyes as its authentication method.

Why your Eyes?

Similar to fingerprints, eye vein patterns are unique and, thus, can provide instant authentication.  Within the hardware, there is also the ability to detect ‘life’ and’ thus, it is impossible for someone to copy your print.

The fact that a simple glance can act as a password also makes the process easy, and ensures that you don’t fall victim to the password memory lapse, which affects so many of us, and have to rely on Windows password recovery tools.

BioMetricsWith 12 million individuals in the US, during 2011, having been at the receiving end of identity theft, and research suggesting that social media and smartphones are regular targets, it is clear to see that biometrics is a rapidly growing market. 


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Forgot your Windows 7 Password? Our Guide on Windows 7 Password Recovery

Posted on: March 19, 2013

Forgot your Windows 7 Password?  Our guide to Windows 7 Password Recovery Solutions is here to help you. Windows 7 is arguably the best operating system for PC users, at least for a small business or home user setting. Linux isn’t practical for the average computer user, and Microsoft really did a great job improving over Windows Vista in a lot of ways. None of this matters if you don’t remember your password, though, does it?

In this Guide To Windows 7 Password Recovery, we’re going to cover all the basics of getting back a lost Windows 7 password using only the very easiest of methods. With several simple solutions to recover your password, there is no need to settle for anything less than quick, simple and affordable. With that in mind, the first solutions that will be discussed are easy and free but they will only work in certain situations. Next, we’ll look at some paid solutions and help you choose which one is best for your situation.

Windows 7 Password Recovery

Here’s a quick look at the different solutions that we are going to be covering.

1) Using An Administrator Account For Windows 7 Password Recovery

2) With the help of a password recovery disc.

3) Hiring somebody for Windows 7 password recovery.

4) Windows 7 Password Recovery Software

Using An Admin Account To Change Your Windows 7 Password

If you have access to an administrator account, it’s very easy to change your Windows 7 password. The problem with this great plan, however, is that most people reading this won’t have access to an administrator account for one of two reasons. The first reason being that they aren’t an administrator on their network, and the second reason being that the administrator password is, infact, the password that is lost and needs to be recovered.

If you do have access to your administrator account, you are in luck! You’re one of the lucky few who will have their password problems solved with this very first step. Here’s all it takes…

  1. Click on the Windows Icon in the bottom left corner, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Click on “User Accounts and Family Safety”.
  3. Click “Change Your Windows Password”.
  4. The first option will allow you to change your password.

Windows 7 Password Recovery

The reason this method isn’t ideal for most people is because it requires you to still have access to the account that you want to change the password for, unless you’re using an Admin account to change another user’s account of course. If you don’t have Administrator access, but you know somebody at your home or office who does, they will be able to help you change your password using similar steps to the ones outlined above.

Using A Recovery Disc

If you have a password recovery disc already, it’s a simple process to use it to reset your Windows 7 password. This means you knew ahead of time that eventually you will have forgot Windows & Password, and you took preventative measures to prepare for it. Pat yourself on the back! Unfortunately, this isn’t the norm and most people don’t have a password reset disc waiting to save the day. Either way, if you have one – put it to good use! If you do not have a recovery disc, then you now know the importance of preventative measures when it comes to your online and offline computer security. If you want to make a password recovery disc, you can use software to help you with that. They can even help you access your computer if you’re already locked out, by simple using a different desktop to create your recovery disc. We’re going to be taking a more in-depth look at actually creating a password recovery disc when you use software designed for recovering Windows 7 passwords.

If you have any questions about Windows password recovery, don’t be shy to leave a comment and either someone from this site or another visitor will be more than happy to help you out, point you in the right direction, or whatever the case may be. If neither of these two options were relevant to you yet, don’t worry because one of the next two ideas is certain to work for you. Check out Part 2 and you’ll have your password recovered in NO time!

Windows 7 Password Recovery Disk

Hiring somebody for Windows 7 password recovery

When hiring somebody to fix your computer for you, you have options. Your local classifieds website such as Kijiji or Craigslist should yield many results for computer repair. Your first choice is if you would like to hire somebody independently who fixes computers on the side, as a hobby. You will find many listings for people like this online. The other option is to hire a local business to fix your computer. Hiring an actual business is generally a better option, even though in some cases it will just be one person, the fact that they’re acting professionally by operating through a business shows a certain level of dedication. When you’ve forgot Windows 7 password, hiring somebody is certainly a viable option. Is it the best option? No, not quite, and there are a few reasons why. You’re relying on this person, and their expertise, but what if they.. frankly.. aren’t very good at what they do? Where does that leave you? It’s not super common, but it does happen where people will bring their system into a shop and due to a mix-up in their records they end up reformatting the wrong computer, leaving you at a loss for all of your documents, settings, accounts and everything else you had stored. Of course, isn’t incredibly common but it helps to highlight the importance of keeping a recent backup of your system.

Windows 7 Password Recovery Software.

When it comes to using software for Windows 7 password recovery, there are a few options to choose from. The preferred type of software to use when you’ve forgot Windows 7 password is one that will help you to create a boot disc. With this boot disc, you’re able to bypass Windows 7 password and reset it, thus granting you access to your PC once again. This is also useful if someone has maliciously gone in and changed your password, they certainly won’t be expecting you to get it back using software.

We recommend a program called Password Resetter for the following reasons. Not only is it simple to use, affordable, easy to install and will have you up and running again in well under an hour, but it’s also backed by a full money-back guarantee. If you aren’t able to recover your password, even if it isn’t the fault of the software, they will give you a complete refund of your entire purchase. That’s a prime example of having nothing to lose if I have ever seen one.

It’s worth noting that Password Resetter also works with most other versions of Windows, not just Windows 7, so don’t worry if you got all excited then thought it wouldn’t work for you – it more than likely will, regardless of which version of Windows you have installed,  just visit the Password Resetter site to make sure.

To wrap things up, hopefully this series has given you some insights and helped you to get your password back. We can all but guarantee that after going through this list, you now have the knowledge or tools necessary to recover your lost Windows password. Should you require any more assistance, please feel free to take a look around this website because we pride ourselves on being a leading authority on information about how to get your lost passwords back, along with internet security in general. As an internet user, you can never be too careful online. Some of the biggest threats to your security online are the ones you don’t even realize, and that’s why we aim to educate and inform.

Finally, which method is the one you should try? Try them all! If the methods from Part 1 don’t work for you, basically if it’s already too late to use an Admin account to recover your password, then you can decide between bringing your computer into a repair shop or simple using Password Resetter to fix this yourself. If you’re still not sure, it’s much less expensive to try Password Resetter first, than it is to take your computer into a shop. The advantage of this, of course, is the Password Resetter money-back guarantee, remember, you’ve got nothing to lose in giving it a try.

Hopefully this has helped to shine some light on what to do when you have forgot Windows 7 password, and you’re looking to bypass Windows  7 password in order to start using your computer again.

Password Resetter Applications

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How To Reset your Windows Vista Password

Posted on: March 12, 2013

This guide is going to cover everything you need to How To Reset your Windows Vista Password. One could need to have their vista password reset for any number of reasons, including losing it, having it compromised, or just for basic security upkeep. It’s a good idea to change your important passwords on a regular basis, this will ensure that any prying eyes will be locked out from snooping around your files, documents, history, and anything else on your computer. If you have access to your Windows desktop, it’s easy to reset your password. We’ll cover that first. Next, we’ll tell you what to do if you don’t have access to your desktop – showing you how to reset your password when you’re locked out of your account.

Option 1: Changing your Vista password with account access

The first method is also the easiest, so it only makes sense to start here. This applies for people who currently have access to the account they would like to change the password for. If you do not currently have access to the account of which you would like to reset the password, skip the following steps and continue reading below.

  1. Click on Start and then click on Control Panel.
  2. Click on the User Accounts and Family Safety link. If you don’t see this link, just double click on Users.
  3. Click on the User Accounts link.
  4. Click the link that says “Change Your Password.”
  5. This method will only work if you know your password. You’ll need to enter your “old” password (This is the one you’re currently using), and then enter the NEW password.
  6. Submit these changes and you’re all done!

Control Panel - Vista


Option 2: Changing your password with Administrator Access

The next method we’re going to take a look at is for when you can’t remember your Windows user account password, but you can remember the password for the administrator’s account. The steps are very similar as above, however you’ll be performing them from the Admin account to change your User Account’s password.

reset vista password Administrator


Option 3: Option 3: Completely locked out and need to change your password 

Lastly, if you don’t have access to any accounts on your computer – if you’re totally shut out and blocked from accessing your account, there’s a final solution that will help you sort this all out.

You can use software called Password Resetter to easily perform a Vista password reset from the comfort of your home, in just 3 easy steps. All you need to do is download the software,

Password Resetter Applications

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A Review of Windows Password Recovery Tools

Posted on: March 6, 2013

A Review of Windows Password Recovery Tools

Losing access to your laptop or pc could be a disaster however these handy hints will get you back in quickly and easily and will enable you to reset your forgotten Windows 7 password.

We store an enormous amount of important work and personal data on our laptops and computers and therefore having realised you’ve forgot window password and blocked yourself out the stress levels start rising quickly.

Fortunately, having a forgotten Windows 7 password need not be the devastating blow as it could be as there are ways to reset your password saving you time and angst. The alternative to using these methods is to reinstall Windows 7 from a boot disk and while this will bypass that forgot Windows password it will also overwrite any data on your machine so is not an ideal solution.

1:) Use Password Resetter

PasswordResetter is a handy piece of software which is available from and which will enable you to regain access with ease.When you receive your software you need to insert the disk, install the software and follow the onscreen instructions which will enable you to create a password reset boot disk (or flash drive) which will regain you access and not damage your computer.

Having realised that you’ve forgotten the password you simply instruct the machine to boot from disk or drive, insert your Password Resetter back up, follow the instructions and will be sorted. This works on over 99% of passwords therefore is a highly effective method.

Password Resetter Applications

2:) Use Safe Mode

Using safe mode means that you are able to load or boot-up Windows 7 from a “safe” point. This option is frequently used if there seems to be a serious problem with Windows which means that booting up normally is not advisable or possible. Safe Mode also enables users to reset that forgot Windows 7 password.  Having entered Safe Mode log in to the computer as the admin with the admin password (if you haven’t set up an admin account then skip to handy hint number two now).

Safe Mode

Click on the Start button and type lusrmgr.msc in the search bar at the bottom which will locate then open the “Local Users and Groups” section. In Local Groups and Users got to Users, then select Set Password after right-clicking the account you wish to change and confirm the new password.

3:) Use Shareware

While some people are not completely comfortable with Shareware it does tend to work for occasions such as these. Download an internet based password unlock programme, create a  back-up disk and then use this as and when require if for example to reset your forgot Windows password.


With so many of us working, shopping, banking and communicating online these days, being locked out of your personal computer may feel somewhat like you are missing a limb. Fortunately these failsafe back-ups will enable you to enjoy the security of having a password in place and yet will stop you losing your data if you forget what that password is.


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A Review of 5 Password Remover Applications

Posted on: March 4, 2013

Having found yourself locked out of your laptop, PC or an important file due to a lost or forgotten password it is important to find an effective way back in. The best way to do this and not risk losing any of the valuable information stored on your machine is to use an effective password remover.

There is little more frustrating than realising that you have locked yourself out of your work or personal computer having forgotten or lost your password. Considering how much of our lives are managed online nowadays being shut out may be less of an annoyance and more of a costly experience.

Getting back into your PC and removing passwords on files shouldn’t be too difficult at all if you use an appropriate password remover application. Which one you choose will depend on the application you require and the one you feel works best for you.  All five all come highly recommended.

1.  PasswordResetter

This is one of the easiest and most effective password removal tools. Once you have purchased your (very reasonable) copy of PasswordResetter you simply insert it into your drive to make a computer specific back up disk or flash drive. When required you boot up the device from disk (or from USB drive), follow the on-screen password recovery instructions and your old password will be removed and a new one will be set by you, gaining you access once more to your locked PC.


Password Resetter Applications

2.     Ultimate ZIP Cracker
This is a handy tool which is used to recover lost passwords for ZIP (compressed) files. A simple program which is designed to find and remove a password quickly, this tool is great for gaining access to important work or personal files. The full version is available to buy online or there is a free trial which may be downloaded if you are not likely to use it more than once.

Zip Cracker

3.  WonderShare PDF Password Remover

This is a clever tool for removing passwords or security restrictions that are in place which will allow you access your important files. This tool cleverly creates a new copy of the PDF file in question without the lock on it. The free trial version will only allow you to retrieve five pages from a locked PDF file however the full unlimited version is very reasonable to buy.

PDF Password Remover


4.  Word Password Recovery Master

While this is another tool that you need to buy there is a free trail. The trail will tell you whether the password you need is able to be removed however it will not actually do the task for you. Fortunately the Word PRM software is very inexpensive as it is a useful and easy to use tool.

This program will remove password protect from any locked Microsoft Word document which will enable you to get on with your work or task.

Word Password Recovery Master 

5.  Word Excel Password Recovery

This free “wizard” is brilliant for retrieving forgotten or misplaced passwords for Word or Excel documents. Using a dictionary look up or a brute force crack (both commonly used password removal techniques) you will quickly find yourself back into your all-important information.

 Excel Remover




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Windows Password Recovery Tips and Tricks

Posted on: June 24, 2012

Windows password recovery is a popular topic, regardless of which version of Windows you’re talking about. For as long as there have been passwords, there have been people forgetting their passwords. Many people’s initial thought is to simply use an easy password. This kind of defeats the purpose. Did you know that hackers have special software that automatically tries to guess passwords? They search the internet for vulnerable computers, and then have programs automatically trying passwords. This is why it’s essential to use a strong password, but a strong password is easy to forget.

That’s likely the reason you’re interested in Windows password recovery in the first place. In this post, we’re going to be sharing some tips about quickly recovering your Windows password with ease.

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3 Windows Vista Password Reset Methods!

Posted on: June 23, 2012

Vista Password Reset is a simple process. This guide is going to cover everything you need to know about having your Windows Vista password reset. One could need to have their vista password reset for any number of reasons, including losing it, having it compromised, or just for basic security upkeep. It’s a good idea to change your important passwords on a regular basis, this will ensure that any prying eyes will be locked out from snooping around your files, documents, history, and anything else on your computer.. If you have access to your Windows desktop, it’s easy to reset your password. We’ll cover that first. Next, we’ll tell you what to do if you don’t have access to your desktop – showing you how to reset your password when you’re locked out of your account.

The first method is also the easiest, so it only makes sense to start here. This applies for people who currently have access to the account they would like to change the password for. If you do not currently have access to the account of which you would like to reset the password, skip the following steps and continue reading below.

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Password Remover Software – How To Remove Your Windows Password in 2 minutes!

Posted on: June 22, 2012

Tired of entering your password all the time? We’re going to be looking at some alternatives, and also some recommended options of password remover steps that you can take if you have lost your password. We’re concentrating on Windows passwords, however some of the tips and common-sense advice will apply to things other than just Windows accounts.

If you’re simply tired of having to always type in the same password, there are some cool options and one of them might be the password remover solution you’ve been looking for. First of all, and quite possibly the coolest option, is a fingerprint-scanner. Rather than have to remember your password, all you have to remember is to bring your fingerprints. A fingerprint-scanner device hooks up to your computer, and has a little panel that sits on the desk where you would place your fingertip to be scanned. If this is a bit too fancy or futuristic for you, keep reading.

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